Less Tangling

Chances for filament tangling are significantly reduced with our spools as compared to standard 1 kg spools.

1 kg Spool


Less strain is placed on your 3D printer when extruding the filament, drag forces of our filament spools are significantly lower than of 1kg spools resulting in less breakage. Your extruder will pull filament more smoothly from this light spool for more reliable prints. Total spool weight is 710g (1.57lbs).

Less Weight, Less Strain


The filament comes in a resealable vacuum bag that allows you to store it when you are done printing. An anti-moisture bag with silica gel keeps your filament fresh and dry to avoid foreign contaminants that can damage your printouts and printer.

Resealable Bag


True round accuracy

The highest accuracy of 1.75 mm +/- 0.02 mm guarantees more consistent printing quality.

Universal Spool Design

Compatible with all 1.75 mm PLA 3D Printers

Diameter: 7.8" | Width: 2.0" | Hole Diameter: 1.9"

Recommended extrusion/nozzle temperature: 190°C - 210°C



500g spools available in 12 colors, compatible with all 1.75 mm PLA 3D Printers

AIO Robotics Filament

- The Premium PLA Material -

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AIO Robotics Filament Bundle Package

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