Powerful Hardware Features

We are experts in building smart platforms from robotic systems to 3D technology. Our software and hardware features differentiates us from competitors. The degree of automation is unmatched in the 3D Technology market ranging from 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, to 3D Operation Systems.

Detailed Specification

Scan Technology
Swiping Laser Triangulation
Scan Volume
9.0 diameter x 4.4 height [inch]
Scan Resolution
150 [μm] in Color
Safety Feature
Kensington Lock Slot
On-board Storage
8 GB eMMC | 16 GB Micro-SD slot
USB Stick, Direct Wireless
Filament System
Non-prorietary, 1.75 diameter [mm]
Touchscreen Size
7" Capacitive Color Touchscreen
Print Technology
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Print Volume
8.0 x 6.0 x 5.7 [inch]
Print Resolution
80 [μm], 120 [μm], 200  [μm]
Shipping Size & Weight
26 x 21 x 20 [inch], 58 lbs

Think Outside. Build Inside.

Standalone - No External Computer Required

3D Printer with

Quick color change

Built-In Customer Support "Report Button"+

Auto Software Update

Removable Turntable

with Auto Bed-leveling

On-board Model Viewer, Editor, and Slicer

True Plug-and-Play

(Ready to Go in 10 minutes)


filament system

USB / Internet-Enabled

(Wireless & Wired)

1.7 Ghz Quadcore Processor

with 7" color touchscreen

3D Laser Color Scanner

Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning Technology

ZEUS has a one-touch automated cutting-edge 3D scanning technologies. It includes: Swiping Laser Scanning, Automated Calibration Process, Point-Cloud cleaning, Scan Data Repair, and Auto-Conversion into printable STL file.

Reliable 3D Printing Technology

AIO Robotics developed a FFF printing technology focused on ease & automation. Our technology supports:
  • Simple mid-print pause feature for Color Printing
  • Composite Materials These include metal powder, wood fiber, and conductive material (e.g. circuit board printing).

Thunderbolt Extruder Technology

ZEUS has a high-tech extruder developed and tested with heat-traveling map and flow-simulation technology to guarantee highest performance.

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