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3DPRINTINGINDUSTRY.COM - David Goodfellow is indeed a good man. Busy student at University of Southern California, strong swimmer, loved by most in Claremont, CA. But he wanted to do more, and he had an opportunity to do so.

3DPRINTINGINDUSTRY.COM - I’ve had the chance to interview Jens Windau, the founder and CEO AIO Robotics the company of the all in one Zeus 3D Printer. Jens has a big vision for his company. He is working hard to offer a 3D Scan to Print well built machine offering Apps to enhance the user experience

USA TODAY - When Alison Glazer first arrived at the University of Southern California, she had never heard of 3-D printing, a process that can print any 3-D object or file.

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - With Australia's technical expertise slowly whittling away, the team behind this gadget wants to take schools back to the basics of manufacturing and design.

FABBALOO.COM - The AIO Robotics ZEUS desktop 3D printer seems to have far greater software powers than other devices. It’s very hard for a desktop 3D printer to distinguish itself among competitors recently, as there have been so many market entrants, each offering more or less the same style of physical technology. So what’s a 3D printer manufacturer to do? Software, in the case of AIO Robotics. 

TCTMAGAZINE.COM - Jens Windau, CEO at AIO Robotics talks to TCT about the next generation of the award-winning Zeus all-in-one 3D printer for 3D scanning, printing and editing and how its on board 3D printing app store is making 3D printing more accessible than ever.

FABBALOO.COM - What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

RCCACTION.COM - The scale scene is really hot right now and many are taking their vehicles to another level by adding all sorts of scale accessories to them to bring them to life. There are a few companies out there who offer some scale accessories but in order to get exactly what you want some scratch building has to be done. 3D printing has been around for years and it has been used by manufactures to make prototype parts for various things. For a while 3D printing was out of reach for the average user because the cost of the machines was so high but in the past few years there has been a shift and cheaper 3D printers began to hit the market. Now the pricing and size of 3D printers are at a place where anyone can pick one up and start making their own parts. Pricing for a 3D printer can range from about $250 up to a few thousand dollars and there are a lot of choices in that range.  Once you get one all you need is a CAD program and the idea.

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