3D Printing in Educational Institutions

If you are an educator and are hoping to bring 3D Printing and Scanning technology into your classroom, library, or after school program, but don't know where to start, we have a solution for you!

ZEUS' user friendly and beautiful user interface makes learning easy for both students and teachers while our fully-automated calibration procedures and modular parts enable students to get printing within 10 minutes of unboxing.

Zeus All-In-One 3D Printer & Scanner is the top choice for many educational institutions worldwide ranging from Universities to Grade Schools, there is a fit for everyone.

Zeus contains everything you need to 3D scan and print, no external computer or software is necessary. This makes Zeus very portable and useful for students to share.


Our large array of software features only adds to the convenience of the ZEUS. Ranging from an onboard model-editor to web search and much more, everything can be done right on board.

As we continue to develop new programs and features, any Zeus user can stay up to date by using the wifi feature and downloading the latest updates, which will always be absolutely free!

Our world-class support is unmatched, and with the purchase of a Zeus classroom, you will be assigned your own Zeus technician to cater to your every need, with priority support. We will also provide video workshops and classes to you on any subjects you may need help with.

Our goal is to make learning this technology as seamless as possible so we will be there to help you every step of the way.

Classroom Project Examples

Creating a 3D Campus Map
3D Design with Play-Doh
Building a Prosthetic Hand
Conductive Filament Printing

1-Min Classroom Videos via 3DP Academy

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The ZEUS 3D Printer is part of the curriculum for hundreds of schools worldwide
The ZEUS 3D Printer is an award-winning product. It is the leading 3D Printer for educational institutes with focus on Middle, High Schools, as well as colleges and libraries.
"What a relief to find a vendor that is as dedicated to customer service as they are to selling their product!
Linda K. (Director of Community Education, MiraCosta College)
"We were fortunate enough to partner with [AIO]. We were lucky enough to get two of their printers,” ... “The more printers we get, the more people we can help and reach"
Maddie M. (Student, USC Freehand Project)

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