Prototyping with ZEUS at the San Diego State University

This week, we were fortunate enough to get a chance to catch up with our friend, Adam, who also happens to be the President of San Diego State University's 3D4E chapter. For those of you who do not know about 3D4E, it stands for "3D Printing for Everyone" and is a student-run organization that can be found in a number of different Universities in the US. AIO Robotics is a proud sponsor of a number of these chapters, and has been a support system for their various projects. Read more about Adam's latest endeavors in our blog!

Adam with the ZEUS 3D Printer at the SDSU's Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad. He is the President of 3D4E (3D for Everyone) at San Diego State University which has also officially partnered with the ZIP Launchpad in light of our members entrepreneurial spirit. Adam also holds the position of the Vice President of the Associated Engineering Student Council.

My name is Adam Michalak I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student at San Diego State University. I have had an interest in robotics since 6th grade when we made robotic "mars rovers" and programmed them to navigate a course without colliding into any of the obstacles. Since then I have created numerous other projects for fun. Most recently I created a 3D printed drone early in January and by conducting further research I believe I discovered a large gap in the market. Later that month I was accepted to the Zahn Innovation Platform this January under the team name Darkis which means durable in greek. With a 5 minute pitch and an early stage prototype that was 3D Printed with the Zeus we gained access to all of the ZIP Launchpad's resources. Through the ZIP we have access to executive level professionals who work as our mentors, differed legal services, software, and hardware help. Our customer base is the higher end drone user and aerial photographer. I wanted to create a drone that appealed to professional users. Upon each iteration of the design I always 3D print it first to make sure it functions as intended. We are currently doing AB market testing. Our launch goal is to make it into a prominent tech startup accelerator such as YCombinator or Techstars. The company was founded by myself, since then I have added two more members. Ian Schweickart a computer science and math major at Harvey Mudd College and Cody Friszell a computer engineer at San Diego State University. We are working hard to push our product so it is appealing to an early stage investor. We hope to launch our product early next year.

AIO Robotics meets the team from 3D4E at the San Diego State University

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