3D4E Interchapter Showcase

Today at the UCLA Blackstone Launchpad, different chapters of the 3D4E (=3D for everyone) printing clubs at Southern California and Southwest Universities presented their work achievements throughout this academic term! Teams from USC, UCLA, SDSU, and University of Arizona came to show the projects and ideas that they've been developing over the past few months.

Here is a summary of projects that were presented. Many of these projects were made with the ZEUS 3D Printer.

Color-changing loudspeakers


Prosthetic Hand Design

Modern Chess Figurines

Arthritis Assistive Devices

Campus Map of the University of Southern California

Functional Replica of the Game Boy

RC Car with integrated Camera

6-legged robot

and a 3D printed 3D Printer

During keynote speech of the event, our VP of Software Dr. Christian Siagian gave insights in the product development of the ZEUS. The early ZEUS prototypes consisted of 3D printed parts as well.

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