3D Toy Designer, Mark Trageser's Filament Hack

Mark Trageser is the founder of InsaniTOY and has designed some amazing 3D-printable toys that can be found on his shapeways.com store. We were so impressed by his work that we invited him to help us create custom toy action figures on the Zeus, which turned out marvelously.

Each piece designed by Mark had such great detail and was interchangeable with other pieces, meaning the user could create their own custom robot action figure!

In addition to this, Mark has also put his design skills to work in creating a customized filament spool holder for his own Zeus. He removed the lid to his Zeus printer to have more overhead space to place his custom spool holder, which he initially made using PVC pipes as a way to hang all of his filaments in one place without having to switch them out each time he wanted to change colors.

His PVC pipe prototype was quite useful, so he decided to create a more aesthetically pleasing and functional 3D printed version.

Mark’s new design is meant to sit atop the Zeus and includes a space to be filled by an LED light tube, to enhance lighting in his work space while doubling as the actual hanger for the filament spools. His design also includes various pockets and places for USB sticks, scraper tools, and other relevant 3D printing equipment. Magnets in the bottom keep the unit from sliding and a cross bar makes it strong enough to hold many Kgs of filament. The light tube is a custom electronics hack, but don't worry you can also use a towel rod or PVC tube to hold spools too.

Mark tells us as another mod he hangs all his tools on the front of Zeus with magnets (a scraper, filament cutter, glue stick, and small hemostats are his favorites).

We want to share Mark’s work with other fellow Zeus users to serve as inspiration to create more awesome stuff. If you have anything cool you would like us to showcase, please email us at contact@aiorobotics.com and you could be featured on our next newsletter!

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