How to start a 3D Printing Business with ZEUS

Last week we reported about how students at the Alain Leroy Locke High School learned 3D design skills to customize and print phone accessories.

Now, we are introducing Steven, who uses his ZEUS for a similar case. Steven designs and prints customized phone cases with names and logos for his customers. He then sells it at Andy's Phone Shop in Benidorm, Spain.

Would you like to print your own phone case on ZEUS (without customization)? ZEUS offers an intuitive way to do this in just 4 simple steps and without an external computer! All steps can be done on-board via the integrated touchscreen.

1) Find your 3D models through the integrated online database: Open the search funtion, type in your search term and let ZEUS find the available 3D Models accordingly.

2) Select and Download your preferred 3D model

3) Slice and your 3D model

4) Print it!

This phone case 3D File can be downloaded here.

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