AIO Robotics Attends 3D Printing Asia With Grand Plans for Chinese Schools

Last week, our partners over at Shenyang Machine Tool Co. (SMTCL) attended the International 3d Printing Asia Exhibition in Guangzhou to showcase the ZEUS All-In-One 3D Printer and Scanner. If you have not yet read about our partnership with SMTCL, the world’s largest machine tool manufacturer, click here.

This is the very beginning of SMTCL and AIO Robotics' collaborative efforts to bring 3D​​printing into all of the schools of China. We are ecstatic that our ZEUS has been chosen as the vehicle for such a grand and noble vision. With ZEUS leading the breakthrough into the Chinese Educational sector, we know that the influence of 3D printing and the creativity it enables for students will be put to great use and will bring China the edge it desires for its next generation of the workforce.

3D printing technology is absolutely imperative for today's students, as has become evident among the various educational institutions that have adopted it throughout the world. Learning and utilizing this technology in a classroom setting or even familiarizing students with it at home ensures a brighter future and better job prospects for students while facilitating a fun and interesting learning environment.


By keeping 3D printing simple and easy to partake in, ZEUS is the ultimate tool for educational institutions everywhere, and SMTCL's support and enthusiasm in bringing ZEUS to hundreds of schools in China confirms this. Read more about 3D printing in educational institutions here. If you would like to learn more about how your school can benefit from a ZEUS please contact us by phone (626) 225-3441 or email (maryanne@aiorobotics). We are more than happy to answer any and all of your 3D printing questions.

International 3D Printing Asia in Guangzhou was a 3 day event held on September 20th-23rd. 2 weeks prior to the event, we had also exhibited at the China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition. This particular exposition was geared more towards the industrial sector. See more photos of both events below:

Our product video translated to Chinese played alongside SMTCL's company logo.

Our product video translated to Chinese played alongside SMTCL's company logo.

Attendees eagerly learn about ZEUS and its benefits.

A representative discusses future plans in education with an attendee.

Our display at the China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition just 2 weeks before 3D printing Asia.

A 4 foot tall model of the Eiffel Tower on display, printed on ZEUS.

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