Spotlight of the Month: Jonathan Kolodner

Our ZEUS spotlight of the month goes to Jonathan Kolodner. He printed and painted this beautiful Elder Wand (from the Harry Potter series) for a friend and also created a nifty, self-designed screwdriver case, all on his ZEUS. Here is what he told us about the designs:

"I found out one of my colleagues at Activator (James Jackson) was going to the NYC PotterCon, and I wanted to send him something cool as a gift to help him be properly kitted out, so when I found the Elderwand model on MyMiniFactory (available here) , I knew that was the right thing. The only problem was that it was not going to fit in my printer as modeled, and it was quite thin/not terribly sturdy, so I went through a series of edits to break it up into more pieces and create a version that'd fit well and print well on the zeus, and I put a hole through the center of the whole thing so I could reinforce it with a rod up the middle. Once I had a good print, it was time for a few coats of primer, some textured spray-paint & a few dusting coats of shades of brown, and then hand-painted acrylic washes and detailing to finish it out. It was a fun little side project."

"I made the screwdriver case to scratch my own itch because I keep that screwdriver in my briefcase bag, and just have it on me almost all the time. I never know when I might need to tighten a screw in my glasses or take something apart and put it back together. I previously had the bits in a little ziploc bag, and it was just annoying to have to dump them all out just to find the one I wanted. This case makes it easy to find the right bit without worrying about them rolling off a table or getting lost, especially when what I'm working on isn't in a tidy environment."

Jonathan will receive 10 spools of our filament for sharing his awesome creations! You too can earn free filament by sending us some photos and information about your designs and creations to with the subject title, "Filament Giveaway."All entries will receive a response within a week of submission. We look forward to seeing all of your creations! To learn more about our filament click here.

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