Customized Games as a Business

Eric Olson is the owner of He uses his ZEUS to create custom game pieces and sells them online both on his website and on his Etsy store. He is also in the business of providing inventories for retail stores and builds his own equipment with his ZEUS in the process. Pictured here are some of the game components he has created and sold on his online shop. These are just a few of his creations, you may view them all by visiting his store.

Below is a tile holder for the game, "Suburbia" that he self-designed and sells on his website.

To the right is an example of a game organizer he created that is made to order and comes in various colors and sizes.

To the left is a castle Eric printed to showcase the detailing that he was able to achieve with ZEUS.

The image just below the castle is a customized face plate for an inventory calculator that he also builds and sells.

Eric is one of many business owners that has turned to 3D printing as a way to make money. To read more about how another shop owner in Spain uses his ZEUS as a form of income please click here.

If you want to start making money 3D printing but don't know where to start, please see our easy 3D Hub start guide HERE so you can start getting paid for your prints!

Eric received 10 spools of our premium PLA filament for sharing his ZEUS creations with us. If you think you have something that is cool, printed on ZEUS or using our filament and would like a chance to get 10 free spools of PLA for yourself, please email us at with some good quality photos and background information about your creations. Make sure to use the subject title, "Filament Giveaway." You will be notified shortly if you have been chosen as a winner.

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