Unlimited Software Features.

We are experts in building smart platforms from robotic systems to 3D technology. Our software and hardware features differentiates us from competitors. The degree of automation is unmatched in the 3D Technology market ranging from 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, to 3D Operation Systems.

Seamless Scan-to-Print 

AIO Robotics introduced seamless Scan-to-Print process to the market. Our algorithm eliminates manual work in this process For example, designers can turn clay models into solid plastic prints without post processing.

Sort Files with built-in File Manager

Built-in file manager to store your 3D files. Organizing & storing your files made easy: 
  • USB/Internet Enabled File Transfer & Storage
  • Industry First Report Function

Conveniently view and edit files

  • Scale and Stretch parts in size (single/multi axes)
  • Multi-Part Prints (add parts to the print table)
  • Rotate & shift parts in preferred print position

One touch slicing makes 3D Printing easy

With just one touch, STL files can be converted into printable GCODE files.
  • Beginner Mode
  • Advanced Mode
  • Off-board slicing (with external Software)
Standard Slicing Mode
Advanced Slicing Mode

Smart integrated Notification System

Activate the Snapshot function during your print
and receive an automated email notification with a picture of your finished print.

Easily Browse for 3D Files to edit or print

Easily Browse for 3D Files to edit or print

  • Find millions of 3D printable designs via text search
  • Search results can be downloaded, sliced and 3D printed
Integrated Databases:

Intelligent Filament Tracker

  • Smart encoder tracking technology
  • Auto-Pause in case of a clog or breakage
  • Reduces the risk of failed printouts

Smart Support and Update System

  • Report Problems directly to our Customer Support Team
  • Set your ZEUS for automatic software updates

Coming Soon

On-Board Apps
App Developer Kit
Mobile Support

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