Solution: Adjust Nozzle Height

Step 1: Click on the gear logo in the top right corner
Step 2: Click on the "Scan & Print" Tab
Step 3: Click on "Nozzle Height", which will display the following pop up message.
Step 4: Adjust the nozzle height using the + and -. The goal is to adjust the height such that there is only about 100 microns or 2 sheets of paper in between the nozzle head and the turntable.
NOTE: If the nozzle is TOO CLOSE to the glass turntable, you will need to DECREASE the nozzle height. We suggest decreasing in increments of 0.4 mm (for example, 10.8 mm to 10.4 mm). If the nozzle is actually scratching the turntable, we suggest decreasing the nozzle height by at least 0.8 mm.
Nozzle too close = Decrease nozzle height
Nozzle too far = Increase nozzle height
Step 5: Once satisfied with the adjustment, click save.