About AIO Robotics

The AIO Robotics Team consists of people from different backgrounds that have various skills, personalities and viewpoints. Diversity is an advantage for any company, and can be an important factor in its success. We are constantly looking for talents and passionate followers of 3D Technology to enrich our team!

Worldwide Offices


AIO Robotics, Inc.

12400 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1480

Los Angeles, CA 90025

United States


P: +1-310-498-4049

E: contact@aiorobotics.com


AIO Robotics Germany


22337 Hamburg




E: marco@aiorobotics.com


AIO Robotics Australia

2/3 Roseberry St

Balgowlah NSW 2093



P: +612-8084-0812

E: jo@aiorobotics.com

The AIO Robotics Team

Jens Windau

Chief Executive Officer

Maryanne Olson

VP of Sales

Micah Cliffe
Technical Dev. Associate
Dr. Kai Chang
Chief Technology Officer
Marco Meyer

Director of Logistics

Joseph Wyer
Technical Dev. Intern
Dr. Christian Siagian
VP of Software
Jo Sommers

AUS Chief Marketing Officer

Adam Jones
Technical Dev. Intern
Tim Tian
Technical Dev. Associate
Richard Lam
Technical Dev. Intern
David Goodfellow
Technical Dev. Intern
Jordi Sim
Technical Dev. Intern
Joey Liao
Embedded System Advisor
Vishwa Pokala
Technical Dev. Associate
Lucas Lok
Chief Operating Officer
Roger Sommers

Strategic Advisor

Allen Chang
Technical Dev. Intern
Elan Adler
Technical Dev. Intern